Our story

We're the first to admit it. We haven't always embraced eco-friendly products. From our experience, they were hard to find, expensive and poor quality. Plus, the marketing wasn't really aimed at us- the normal everyday person. Besides thinking about where they came from and what they were made of, wasn't really one of our top priorities. 

 We aren't conventional environmentalists, not by a long shot.

 It was only when we started looking into the sheer amount of plastic waste          created each year, did we start to realise the extent of the issue. It's mind-blowing. 350 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year every year. While most of that will end up landfill, taking 100's of years to   decompose. Some 8 million tonnes of it will find its way into the sea harming   wildlife and contaminating fish stocks. The effect of this is enormous. 

From this, we decided to create reco. Our name relates directly to our mission 'rethink eco'. We want to change people's perceptions of eco-friendly products by creating great quality, affordable and most importantly 100% biodegradable alternatives. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, environmentalism is for everybody nobody should be put off or priced out of it. With your help, we want to make plastic a thing of the past.